Career Development Practitioners' Certification Board of Ontario - Application for Pilot

February 03, 2015 -

Please find below an info sheet for the benefit of those who might be interested in participating in the CDP Certification – Pilot Project. Those involved in the pilot are eligible for a reduced price, as follows:

Regular price – $225 plus $50 membership plus tax.
For the pilot – $100 plus $50 plus tax.

Pilot commences: February 9, 2015.
Deadline for submission of application: March 23, 2015.

Career Development Practitioners’ Certification Board of Ontario

CCDP Information Sheet for Application Pilot

Please note that not all those who wish to be part of the pilot project will necessarily be chosen to participate. The pilot is to test out the processes for all five application categories and up to five participants will be chosen for each category.
Project information
Before full launching of the certification for career development practitioners in Ontario, due to start on or after April 1, 2015, there will be a pilot project with 25 applicants from across the province and across the five application categories. The purpose of the pilot is to test out the forms and processes developed for certification and receive feedback from pilot participants. The feedback will enable us to fine tune the forms, processes, etc. to ensure a launch of certification that is as transparent, smooth and seamless as possible.
Pilot participants will complete the full application process that all applicants will use after the launch. Pilot participants must meet all the criteria for their application category. In addition, the pilot participants will provide feedback on all stages of the process. To recompense the pilot participants for the extra time they will give with feedback, they will pay a reduced rate for their certification.
The information below is provided to enable interested applicants to decide if they currently meet the criteria for certification. Those chosen to participate in the pilot will receive far more detailed information once selected for the project.


Certification Criteria
Each applicant must satisfy all 5 conditions before submitting his or her CCDP application.

Applicant must qualify under one of the following categories (see notes below for those with related education/experience not specifically in career development):

A. Certificate – related 1 year certificate (min.200 hours of class/coursework) plus 5,600 hours of related experience in the past 4 years, OR
B. Diploma – related 2 year diploma (min. 400 hours of class/coursework) plus 4,200 hours of related experience in the past 3 years, OR
C. Bachelor’s Degree – related 3-4 year degree plus 2,800 hours of related experience in the past 2 years, OR
D. Master’s Degree – related Master’s degree plus 1,400 hours of related experience in the past year, OR
E. Grandparenting – this is a time limited option available for the first 3 years of certification from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2018.
• Must be currently employed in the field in Ontario
• 7,000 hours of related experience in the past 10 years of which 4,000 hours must be in the last 5 years.

Requirement Explanations:
1. Experience includes:
a. Work experience must be in the provision of direct client services related to career development and/or employment. This can include: career & employment counselling/coaching/ facilitation /job development/ resource development; recruiting; HR management; labour market resources; vocational rehabilitation; school guidance/career centre/co-op programs; outplacement/career consulting; among others.
b. Delivery of indirect client service including education/training, leadership/management, supervision/coordination, research in the field of employment and/or career development.
c. Career/employment related duties could account for only part of an applicant’s past jobs/roles (ex. Agency Manager who also manages career programs or facilitates groups; Settlement workers whose duties include assisting clients to work or school/training; ESL teachers who also teaches workshops on job search topics for internationally educated students; Therapists who provide career counselling as part of their practice; Teachers who provide guidance counseling for students; HR generalists who also write job descriptions, perform recruiting, or develop employee career/training plans). Applicants will need to show what percentage of their time in hours is related to career/employment services.
d. Work experience requires that a minimum 50% of total hours accumulated are to have been realized through paid work, with balance of hours through volunteering, job shadowing, work practicum experience, etc.
e. The use of the hour count rather than weeks is to acknowledge workers who work on contracts and part-time.

2. Educational Requirements:
a. To automatically meet the education criteria for each category (except E grandparenting), programs or degree ‘majors’ must be in Career/Employment/Work Development or Vocational Rehabilitation.
b. Programs in a related field such as the social sciences, counselling, humanities, business, human resources and education may be accepted if the applicant can demonstrate that a minimum of 6 or 30% of courses are directly relevant to career/employment/work development and the Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (courses could include those specifically in career/employment development or could be in Psychology, Sociology, Education/Adult Education/Training, HR Management, Labour Market/Economics, Immigrant Settlement, Counselling and Social Work as examples).
c. Additionally, a ‘related’ program may be supplemented by additional courses or programs to meet the criteria.
For example, someone with a business degree with courses in economics, human resources, psychology and organizational behaviour, but with less than the 6 courses required, may also have taken additional professional development training in career assessments, or a job club leadership program, or a certificate in Career Development, which combined with the base degree would then meet the requirements for Category C: Degree plus 2,800 hours of experience. If not, then it may be counted as the equivalent for Category B: Diploma plus 4,200 hours of experience.
d. If an applicant holds multiple sources of related education, the highest education will be used to calculate the number of hours of related experience required, if the condition of the required courses is met.
e. Applicant must have obtained their core education from a government-approved or authorized institution of higher education in Canada. Those with certificates/diplomas/degrees from other countries must provide a credential recognition or equivalency document from a government or university-approved ICES or PLAR service.
f. All applicants must show they have taken both Ethics and Career Development Theories training, either within their education program or taken separately. (See Condition 3 below)


All applicants must belong to the CDPCBO and maintain their yearly membership in order to maintain their certification. If selected for the pilot, a membership form will be completed by the applicant and fees paid. The membership will run from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016.


The following two courses or course modules must have been completed by every CCDP applicant prior to applying for the CCDP designation, including those applying under the Grandparenting category. These courses may have been part of the educational program claimed in Condition 1, or may have been taken separately as professional development to meet this requirement.

Ethics and Professional Conduct (10hrs) & Career Development Theories (20hrs)
Applicant must provide evidence of completing separate courses/modules or one comprehensive course/module that meets the following criteria:
1. Consists of course content directly related to a) ethics and b) traditional and emerging theories, within career development (as documented in the course’s outline)
2. Meets 10 hours for Ethics* and 20 hours for Career Theories, of substantive learning that can be delivered through face-to-face or online instruction (with the majority of the time engaged in facilitated/interactive learning – not simply self-directed reading/assignments)
3. Involves an evaluative assignment, marked and graded by the course instructor


Applicants are to review the Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners and briefly summarize how they have demonstrated the four (4) Core Competencies and at least three (3) Areas of Specialization as evidenced by writing a short description of how you’ve addressed these competencies through past work experience or through training/workshops/education.

 The full version of the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners is available at
 Applicants chosen for the pilot will receive a sample application form to assist in determining how much evidence to provide for each competency area.


Applicants must submit three (3) references.
At least one reference must be from a supervisor or manager who can speak to and verify the applicant’s professional/ethical conduct and their knowledge and application of career development practices and competencies.
All referees must have known the applicant for at least one (1) year.
The period the referees refer to must be within the last three (3) years.
At least two of the referees must currently work in the field.
One reference must complete the CCDP Reference Form (available on the CDPCBO website). The other two references can be submitted in a more traditional letter format but should still outline how the referee knows the applicant and some comments on the applicant’s work experience, practices, competencies, etc.

If having read the above information, you believe you meet all the 5 conditions, you are eligible to apply under the pilot. Please send us an email giving your name and the category under which you would be eligible to apply. As we are seeking 5 applicants for each of the categories, we reserve the right to only choose that number. If you qualify under more than one category, please indicate such in your email. We will get back to you with full information.

The email address is:

The pilot will commence February 9, 2015 and we aim to have all applications in by March 23, 2015. Please keep those dates in mind if deciding to apply.


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