Building Futures Program DEADLINE EXTENDED

August 02, 2018 -


A.    Senior Level High School or Equivalent (is encouraged)

B.    Meet NPAAMB Minimum Requirements:

        a.   Registered NPAAMB client

        b.   Resides in one of the following urban centres: 1) Hamilton,                               2) Brantford, 3) Kitchener/Waterloo, 4) Niagara Falls, 5) Fort Erie,                     6) St. Catharines

        c.   Self-Identified as an Indigenous person: (Status/Non-status, First                     Nations, Mètis and Inuit)

        d.   Between ages 18 and 30

        e.   Out of school, unemployed and/or underemployed

C.    Ontario Driver's License (is encouraged but not required


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